BOS Hiatus

If you didn’t notice, BOS is on hiatus. If you want more podcast goodness, check out our other shows over at Yet Another Tech Show and Attack of the Androids.

Also, the album I was working on is finished and released. Check out Escape Goats and The Blame EP  on Google Play or my Soundcloud set page. Thanks for listening!
- Mat

BOS 25: Down the Rabbit Hole – Ibogaine Wrap Up


“I think on the last episode I mentioned I was a pretty avid hallucinator, and familiar with the art of hallucinating.”

Previously on the Buffer Overflow Show… I love Joey’s voice over work. Anyway, sit back and listen up as we go full blast with episode 25 of the Buffer Overflow Show. Mat Lee here back from quite the trip and happy to be in front of the mic again. In this episode we follow up on the addiction topics from BOS 24 and the Hot Box 126, including how the Ibogaine trip went, what the trip was like, what other’s can expect if they choose to do things this way, and much more. What a long hard road out of hell it’s been, and an even stranger trip.

BOS 24: Battling Addiction with Ibogaine


“I will try to keep it light, but this is a very serious topic.”

Hello and welcome to episode 24 of the Buffer Overflow Show. Mat Lee here, and on this episode of BOS, we’re going to get down and dirty with a trip into the deep dark world that is pill addiction. This episode might be a bit more real than you’re used to, but it’s a problem myself, and a large majority of the WORLD struggles with on a daily basis. I’ve found what I believe to be the answer, a miracle drug if you will, but I won’t know until I try. I’ve done a lot of reading and video watching on the internet, trying to get as much information on Ibogaine as I can. I will completely document my experience to share with you all just like I did when Danni had her surgery. To this day, these videos get the most views out of anything else we’ve put on YouTube. People need to live experiences through other people, before they can live it themselves. So if this is something you or a loved one is struggling with, there is hope. Sit back and listen as I take you through the journey of my strange addiction. Keep on reading for links.

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