BOS 13: A Current Affair


“They can talk to us, but they can’t talk to our parents.”

Welcome to another fun filled informative episode of the Buffer Overflow Show! Join Joey Kelley and myself, Mat Lee as we change up the format this week and pull down some of the more interesting current news items from our personalized Google News feed. Sometimes it’s fun to pretend to be news analysts, and since people look at me weird when I try to play dress up, it’s the next best thing. Keep reading after the break for the full list of stories we discuss. Thanks for listening!

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Have you ever heard of Severed Fifth? Sure you have, because you were listening to BOS when we recorded an interview with him. That was episode nine. Well, we have a quick update and some great news! Severed Fifth’s new album, “Liberate” is ready for your listening pleasure.

Let’s quickly cover the whole Google Privacy Policy debacle. When I say debacle, don’t get it twisted. The blame for this little white elephant of a lie remains with the mass media who, once again managed to create a story where there was none.

The only safe computer is one that’s unplugged. I make my living “They can talk to us, but they can’t talk to our parents.”unplugging computers. What do you know about hacktivism ? This whole back and forth between Anonymous, Lulzsec and the government  is very amusing. I believe Joey describe it as “cute.”Being in the the eye of the media is not very anonymous. So word on the street is snitches get stitches. What would you do? Leave a comment or post in the forums and let’s talk about it. Here is another article about it.

Speaking of hacking, if you want to read an awesome book, check out Ghost in the Wire by Kevin Mitnick. It’s a great read! The movie version is called “Takedown” and it came out in 2000.

Who are the richest of the rich in the technology industry? Let’s take a look and discuss. Companies do make money in silicone valley, don’t get it twisted. Do you have any clue how much money is there? More than enough. Anyone have some extra scratch or want to show some appreciation for what we do, feel free to hit up the BOS donate page.

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